Revital H Woman is available in packs of 10 tablets (net quantity) and 30 tablets (net quantity)
Recommended Serving
Just 1 tablet day with breakfast or any meal. Revital H Woman is well tolerated in recommended serving and can be consumed daily
Ingredients & Benefits
Ingredients Quantity Benefits
Vit A 2000 IU Keeps skin and eyes healthy, builds immunity
Vit B1 1 mg Metabolism of carbohydrates and, keeps heart and brain healthy
Vit B2 1.1 mg Energy metabolism and, good for proper functioning of heart and brain
Vit B3 12 mg Required for proper synthesis of food, enhances energy levels and concentration
Vit B6 2 mg Helps in getting energy from fatty acid and protein metabolism
Vit B12 1 mcg Essential for normal functioning of nervous system
Vit C 40 mg Promotes healthy gums and strengthens immunity
Vit D3 400 IU Helps in Calcium absorption to build strong bones
Vit E 10 mg Protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals
Vit K1 25 mcg Helps in blood clotting.
Folic Acid 0.1 mg Helps in formation of blood and keeps skin healthy
Biotin 30 mcg Important for Metabolism and for hair growth
Zinc 10 mg Builds immunity, aids in digestion
Iodine 0.11 mg Promotes healthy thyroid
Iron 21 mg Helps to produce hemoglobin
Magnesium 100 mg Provides anti-stress benefits and builds energy
Manganese 4 mg Ensures a healthy bone structure
Copper 1.7 mg Promotes healthy skin
Calcium 250 mg Builds strong bone and teeth
Phosphorous 125 mg Builds strong bones, teeth and gums
Selenium 40 mcg Acts as an anti-oxidant. It destroys harmful free radicals which cause damage to the body. Helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland
Chromium 30 mcg Essential for normal glucose metabolism in the body
Panax Ginseng Root Extract 42.5 mg It is a well-known and extensively researched herb used from the last 5000 years. It is a known “adaptogen” which has a number of benefits and has no known side effects. Benefits include reduced fatigue, increased concentration and energy.




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